Happy Wednesday Friends!

We are halfway through the week and it is finally the last day of January (wahoo celebration time). I keep seeing memes on Twitter and Instagram about how this month has been 74 days long…they are right. Normally the months seem to soar off my calendar and leave me wondering why getting old equals time flying by. This January has been the exact opposite and moving at a snails pace. Maybe, it felt extremely long so I could take some much needed time to reflect on myself and launch a dream of mine (this blog).

Extra time has allowed me to take better care of myself.  

I have been known to drop the ball on my health when stressful times prevail. I think we all do.  We put ourselves and those healthy routines that make our insides shine as bright as our outsides on the back burner when life throws us curve balls. However, these beauty products are game changers for me. I get so stoked to use them. No joke… I look forward to taking my vitamins in the morning and spraying my face with rosewater…who would have thought? I have even bought duplicates to keep at Bryce’s for when I need a pick-me-up. 

I want to share my favorite products with the hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

OLLY Muti-Vitamin

Growing up, I was always preached to about taking vitamins. To this very day, I still take them and absolutely love them.

They are honestly the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning aside from eating breakfast. 

After trying so many different brands of Women’s Multi ones, I have decided that OLLY is by far my favorite. They taste awesome and they are super affordable. I found mine at my local grocery store, but they also sell them at Target. 

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins

Everyone and their mom has heard of this product, but I can testify that they seriously do work! This will be my third time using them and I am hooked. They are loaded with Biotin, so I try to take them every other month. Otherwise, my hair starts to grow everywhere (ahh, kinda scary).  I’m not lying either when I say that they taste like the World’s best gummy known to mankind… the blue Scooby-Doo snack. 

Mario Badescu Products

Okay seriously guys, if you have sensitive skin you have to try this brand of facial products. Never in my life I have been so in love with an entire brand. I have tried so many different products from Mario Badescu and have honestly been so impressed with all of them. Heck, both my mom and grandma are even using them!

Here is my attempt at explaining these in ten words or less… I would totally ramble on about each of these products but I do not feel like putting you all through that. I’ll tell ya the stuff you wanna know.

Facial Spray

It’s like spraying your face with rose petals.

(First heard about this product on YouTube from Olivia Jade. She used to preach about it. Then after I heard about it, I accidentally bought three bottles of it from Nordstrom Rack.)

Honey Moisturizer

IT’S SO SOFT I’M GONNA DIE!!! (A little goes a long way).

Drying Lotion

Magic potion for zits. It has never failed me (It removes all of the redness and puffiness from your skin).

Cleaning Gel

Oh so gentle, and removes makeup in a flash (I use this only at night, and then buffer my face with water in the morning).

Tarte Deodorant

My mom had first told me about this product at the beginning of last summer. After using it for some time, I truly believe that it is revolutionary. For my whole life I have suffered from extremely sensitive armpits. I would break out underneath if I and I have this to blame. It is a vegan product (pretty neat) and it does mask the odor all day (even more impressive). Although it is on the pricier side for deodorant, it does last for a while and is extremely gentle on the skin. 

MAC Skin Base Visage

Imagine getting a face massage. I’ve never had one done, but I feel like this product has the same kind of effect. At first, I was pretty skeptical about using this especially before I apply my makeup. I get very oily in certain areas and was concerned that this was only going to highlight those. It did the complete opposite! After I apply a dime size amount to my hands and rub it in, my skin is literally glowing. It looks so fresh and not oily at all. There is a little bit of shimmer in it which I am not a huge fan of, but it can easily be covered up. Not only does it do that…but so much more! It has evened out my skin color and makes my face feel like it was touched by a god. 

Lanza Treatment

Seriously this is one of the best hair products I have ever used. I am a huge Lanza fan after being introduced to it by my hair dresser (S/O to Sarah), but this serum has done wonders to my hair. It’s like magic in a bottle. Ever since I was little I have had very dry hair…I blame it on the Midwest weather… 

After every shower, I apply this stuff all over my hair and it helps so freaking much. It puts the oils that my hair needs back in, and it detangles my crazy matted, strands. 

These are my top beauty products!  I’m sure there are other bomb products out there. Comment any  beauty products you love, because I am always looking for something new to try. Next I am wanting to purchase the Glam Glow supermud* mask.

 Start taking care of you and the rest falls into place my luvs.


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