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Hello Friends!

It’s finally Thursday (we made it over hump-daaaay!) and I could not be more excited to share this post with y’all. 

Living in a college town, game day fashion is everything … especially for those Midwesterners like me who love their college football teams! Yes I know there are a lot of Pinterest, DIYs T-shirt cropping, retying into halter tops outfit inspirations out there.  However I’m drawing my fashion love from the Southern States. Those girls DRESS for GAME DAY. They adorn their outfits with cute buttons or pins that represent their school and sororities and step into the stadiums in dresses, rompers, and skirts, all repping their alma mater’s colors. Forget football, it’s a fashion show down there! Maybe because I’m a college graduate now and want a more polished game day look, these Southern Belle’s had me rethinking my own style.

Start with the basics. Buy one piece that showcases your school colors. Manhattan, Kansas loves it’s Purple, and Maryville, Missouri bleeds Green. Football season is crazy temperatures in the Midwestern states. One football game will be 90 degrees and the next week’s game will be a chilly 42 degrees. Go for versatility when selecting your spirit wear.

My first purchase was an Urban Outfitters lavender skirt with the large buttons making it a trend piece.  I felt I could pair this basic skirt with a black turtleneck or white/black crop tops, college logo T-shirts, and accessorizing it with a scarf found in my Mom’s closet.  Style always circles back around so don’t be afraid to dig in Mom’s or Grandma’s closets for accessories.  I purchased two inexpensive accessories to complete my outfit from good old Forever 21.  I found a trendy ring with a large purple gem in it and some sunglasses with purple lenses.  Remember, any of these looks could be recreated by a simple color exchange from purple to whatever your school colors are.

Next I ordered a cheap lavender denim jacket from Boohoo that was cropped with a raw edge. Forever 21 had almost the exact jacket at double the price, so I took the risk and ordered it from Boohoo. Best tip when ordering from overseas companies: pay attention to sizing. It isn’t the same.  I usually order mediums from them and normally I’m a small. Also you cannot be in a big hurry for your item. Boohoo is pretty fast compared to Shein or some of the others. Also take a good look at the return policy before ordering.

Jackets are a great game day purchase. You can pair them with absolutely anything: a dress, skirts, rompers, overalls, jumpsuits, shorts, and jeans.  I went bold with this statement colored jacket because I knew I would wear it in warm temperatures with skirts and rompers. When the temperatures become cooler, I can switch to black denim jeans and a black turtleneck.  I found this cute T-shirt dress for $12 at Forever 21.  After adding a fun detailed fanny pack from the clearance section at Free People, I was set to cheer on the Wildcats for a WIN.

How to find a jacket in your school color? Simply type in (your school color) denim jacket in the Google search bar. I also visited sites like Forever 21 and Boohoo and selected jackets and then refined my search by selecting the color I wanted so it only pulled up that particular color jackets.

The last Game Day look to share with you is my luxury faux fur coat. Faux fur jackets are huge trendy pieces this season.  When I Googled faux fur purple coats, I was directed to high-end brands at Bloomingdales and Revolve.  Not what I had in mind to spend for a trendy piece.  So I went to my go-to site and eBay had the one I bought.  Best part was that I could negotiate a lower price from the seller.  It was brand new and was the perfect “pimp daddy coat” as Bryce called it. It’s warm for those cold November football games. I went with basic pieces under it. My black turtleneck and black jeans. The belt is a fake from Amazon. I’m not in the position to wear Gucci right now but someday I will be.  It you believe it, you can achieve it.  Adding a purple bandana or scarf would truly finish the look.

Saturdays and Sundays at our apartment are reserved for football. You won’t see me in booties and faux fur coats. I’m lounging in oversized sweatshirts and leggings while throwing in laundry. There’s a time and a place for everything. When you are getting ready for your next football game day, I hope you reach into your closet and grab a trendy piece that screams your school colors. This post was to get you to think beyond the cute, crop T-shirts and to up your game day style. I almost forgot…do not wear your favorite shoes into a muddy pregame field.  Grab those rain boots.  Save your Vans and Supergas for better conditions.

Love y’all and catch ya Friday on Insta Story for Friday Favs.

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Outfit 1:  Urban Outfitters Skirt (similar style), Tobi Crop Top, and Vintage Scarf

Outfit 2: Boohoo Cropped Jacket, Forever 21 Dress, Free People Fanny Pack (similar bag/mine was $39), Ring, Sunglasses

Outfit 3: Purple Faux Coat( this is the brand I purchased. I paid $35 so shop around because the coat linked is way too high priced), Brandy Melville Turtleneck, Black Jeans, Faux Gucci Belt, Beanie


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