Hi Loves,

Gin-gle bells, Gin-gle bells, Gin-gle all the way!

After receiving a gin advent calendar for Christmas, I have been drinking gin and tonics left and right. They are becoming one of my favorite simple cocktails ever.

For my gingerbread house & gin evening, I created a gin and tonic bar with all the fixings. This is one of my favorite bar setups because it was so easy to make. All you need is a few different types of gin, tonic water, citrus and whatever other garnishes you would like. I have seen where people use grapefruit, cucumbers and add juices to the mix.

We didn’t follow a recipe to create our drinks, we let our creativity take over.

Bryce sliced up oranges, limes and lemons because what is a G&T without a little bit of citrus? We also had blueberries, blackberries and raspberries in the back accompanied by fresh mint and rosemary sprigs.

This idea is simple, but perfect for a small gathering anytime of year. It’s also very budget friendly.

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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