Fun Christmas Games For A Small Group


Hi Loves,

While Christmas is far from normal this year, I wanted to pay ode to the tradition of playing games with your family the night before Christmas. Each year, my family on my Dad’s side play games like Spoons, Scrabble, and Pictionary. The rotation of games seriously goes on for hours!

This holiday many of us won’t be gathering with our extended families to play games and eat dinner together, so lo and behold … games for a small group. The best part about these games is that they are so simple and include things you already have in your stash.

The Toilet Paper Game

I’m sure this game was born on TikTok, but man is it fun! All you need are 2 wine glasses and 2 rolls of toilet paper. You simply roll out the toilet paper to the length of your table and fill up 2 wine glasses to go on the start of each roll. You can put wine in the glasses and make it a drinking game, but Bryce and I used water because we didn’t want to chance the wine on our table.

Once you have the toilet paper laid out with the wine on it, see who can roll up the toilet paper the fastest without spilling the wine glass! Oh and no nudging your partner … looking at you, Bryce! A good prize for the winner is a bottle of wine.

Saran Wrap Ball Game

This game is another tradition in the Ward family. My grandmother puts together a large Saran Wrap ball for all of the grandchildren. It’s definitely chaotic but so much fun. All you need are small gifts ($1 bills, candy, scratch-off tickets, gas gift cards) and at least 2 people.

Here’s how to play:

  • The first person with the ball starts unwrapping wearing oven mitts while the person to the right of them rolls a pair of dice (2 dice), trying to roll doubles.
  • Once doubles are rolled, the saran wrapped ball is passed to the next player and the sequence begins again.
  • The person with the ball doesn’t stop unwrapping until the person next to them rolls doubles.
  • You get to keep whatever treasure falls out of the Saran Wrap along the way!

What’s in Your CellPhone

Save this image to your camera roll or print it off and play with others!


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