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Let’s talk fashion and DIY with a handmade jean jacket. Time to get crafty this summer and collect some souvenirs from your adventures. Here’s a unique, completely personalized way to express yourself.

I’m talking about my denim jacket full of patches. Folks, it is easily one of my favorite pieces in my closet and truly is the most meaningful item of clothing I have ever owned. Even if you don’t have a jacket to use you can display your creativity like Brandy Melville does, by covering your wall in patches (also, Bryce’s sister Kelsea has her bedroom wall in patches). Look for favorite clothing items that you will have for a long time.  Don’t rule out unconventional pieces like a gym bag, duffle bag, purse, vest, long sleeve sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, or even a favorite blanket. People even put patches on their jeans and skirts. Checkout the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants“. I loved the fact that they had patches on those famous jeans but even handwritten notes in pen which even makes your item more personal. Think about your grandma’s handwriting on your favorite item.

Patches are one of my favorite ways to incorporate my personality in my clothing. They show “who I am” and “what I stand for” in a whimsical manner. Most of my patches have so much meaning to me, while others I have on there just because I simply liked the patch. Patches tell a story unlike anything else and not to mention they are great conversation starters.

Last summer denim jackets with patches were on trend! Gucci was leading the way with snake and tiger patches. I don’t think they will ever go out of style to be honest…I remember seeing Julia Zobrist wearing this huge, green army style jacket with all of her favorite patches that she owned and I was so inspired. After stalking her for a while… I think she wears it as her good luck jacket for her husband’s baseball games. She made an Instagram story about what her jacket meant to her and some other ways to use your patches. I loved her idea of putting them on a non-demin jacket to give the look a flare.

The first patch that I put on my jacket was my name. I have always loved the look of letterman jackets and how symbolic they are. I wanted to get a patch made for my first name to claim that this is my jacket. I had this patch made at the same place that actually made my high school letterman jacket. Not only did they make the embroidered patch for my jacket, but they have sewn every patch that I have on it. If you are in Kansas City, I highly recommend Miser’s. They are extremely nice and so affordable. Each patch is $3 for them to sew it on. Being a person who sews, I recommend taking it to an actual shop to get it done because regular sewing machines will not be able to get through all of the fabric without damaging the patch or the needle. They use a clear, heavy thread like fishing line.  I have had them layer my patches to make clusters on my jacket which is also a way to create more space for more patches. For those who don’t sew, Beacon makes a patch glue available at Jo-Ann Fabric for $6.99.

On one sleeve of my jacket, I have dedicated it purely to Northwest. There is a tiny vintage Bearcat patch that has been around in my family since my mom went to college at Northwest. It was always kept on my grandpa’s pencil holder at his desk. Now it is my favorite patch that I own. The other Northwest ones that I have is from a college spirit store and another is from a polo that I used to wear for Student Senate. I cut it off my shirt so I could have a patch. Sorority letters would be fun from a shirt you no longer wear.  Don’t be afraid of a little DIY.

My other top fav patches are my KCMO patch that I have had forever representing my hometown. The patch that Bryce’s mom got for me that says, “Home is in-between New York and California.” I think she found this patch at Brandy Melville, but it definitely has my heart. I also love the patches on my jacket that says “Life is Beautiful” and “I Am a Brave Girl”. They are from Melody Ross’s Brave Girl Club Bookstore & Gifts.

My jacket was a clearance, distressed jacket from Forever 21.  It was under $20.  I hope you have fun this summer collecting patches and displaying your personality in a creative way.  Maybe someday you will pass down this fun fashion piece with your history on it to someone you love.

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