Finding Balance During The Holidays


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Hi Loves,

I wanted to title this blog post, “How NOT to Go Bat Sh*t Crazy During the Holidays.”  It felt like a very fitting title for this time of year.  We are under the impression that holidays are supposed to be a magical time with the ones we love and a time of many traditions and activities from which to make memories.  And they definitely are!  However, my hair falls out because of an extra amount of things on my massive to-do list. Between bustling Christmas shopping, standing in long lines, hectic finals, work events … time for oneself seems like almost an impossible task.

Just because this is the season for giving, do not forget to give back to YOURSELF and find balance.

Each year my mind goes into this odd state of thinking that I just can’t wait for January to be here so I can start completely fresh. I always slack off during December because I am so eager for the new year and a fresh start. I’ll plan everything that I want to accomplish during the next year and forget to live in the present and finish strong.  In turn, I stop taking care of my physical health and my mental health. It’s a terrible funk to be in.

I have found that not taking care of yourself, even when everything is crazy around you, can make things a million times worse. 

This year it’s not going to happen. Not to me or to YOU.

Here’s how I’m pushing myself to finish the year with a bang and finding my own balance between the madness.

Making the gym a priority

  • Every single year during December I drop the ball on working out. I have a hard time going when I get home from work because it’s dark outside. That’s the only time I can go though, so I am pushing myself to do it. At this point, I’m not just working out to maintain my body but to keep me sane.
  • I keep a journal of all the workouts that I have done that I’ve loved. When I can’t think of anything new to do at the gym, I always whip out this notebook and refer to other ones I’ve done. I hate just walking around the gym not having a lift planned out in advance. Whitney Simmons always puts her workouts in her video description so you can write them down. Journal Linked Here!

Using less heat on my hair

  • Much as I wish I was a natural blonde, sadly I am not. This entails for me to be super careful with my hair! I have been trying to not blow-dry my hair and to reduce my hot iron tool usage to once a week. Not using as much heat has made a world of difference.

Following Through

  • I’m working on doing what I say I’m going to do … Blogmas *cough *cough

Planning ahead

  • I recently purchased a little white notebook in which I can write down anything and everything. Being able to write down what’s going on or things that I need to buy for Christmas in ONE place has kept me planning out my weeks so much better.Notebook Linked Here!

Getting out of my comfort zone

  • Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend a private event at Lululemonon the Country Club Plaza. I went not knowing anyone there. If you know me then you realize I’m not a huge self-confident, life of the party person. So this was very out of my comfort zone. Within minutes of being there, I met several incredibly kind women!

I sincerely hope this “Blogmas Post #5” came in the nick of time to help you push through all the pressures and anxieties the holidays seem to bring.  Wishing you the merriest and most stress-free holiday you have ever had!!!  

Much love, Hayden


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