Dressing For Good Fortune In 2020


Hi Loves,

Let’s take a second to address the big elephant in the room … a new DECADE begins in just 2 days. Holy Shiitake, that’s insane! I can’t imagine the technology and incredible fashion we are in store for. As we prepare to welcome a new decade with New Year’s Eve celebrations, let’s answer the tough question …

What are you wearing NYE?

Selecting the perfect outfit to welcome in the New Year can be overwhelming. I am a superstitious person, so I have a lot of “different” beliefs when it comes to dressing for NYE. Fun fact: the color of your underwear worn on NYE can actually determine the luck you have for that coming year (freaking insane!). I will be wearing yellow for those that are wondering — channeling success! Last year I strutted a huge Betsey Johnson butterfly necklace, and it became such a metaphor for 2019.

It doesn’t matter if the NYE party you’re attending is a cozy home spread or a glamorous night spent at the Power & Light in Kansas City.  Choosing the right outfit after Christmas can leave you last minute shopping and buying something you just kind-of like. This year I purchased my NYE dress in October. I fell in love with the sequin detailing and the unusual cut of the dress. 

As you are aware, I’m a bargain shopper. Following favorite brands in the size you wear on eBay can really pay off. I knew I was going to the P&L New Year’s Eve, and I was dreaming of Gatsby glam and 1920’s sparkle.  When what to my wondering eyes did appear but a full length sequin gown from For Love & Lemons. Without hesitation I purchased the dress and had it before Halloween. Planning ahead when you can always saves money in the long run.

So many of the advertisements for New Year’s Eve celebrations are themed around the Roaring Twenties. The bejeweled headbands and extravagant dresses made that decade such a stand-out in fashion. Those times were about liberation and trying new things. It was all about having fun in the process. I can’t think of a better way to describe 2020 and what I wish for the upcoming decade. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.”

2019 brought us a trend that may guide your New Year’s Eve shopping. Let’s talk SPARKLE. It was summer of 2019 and the runways of Milan and London were blinging in sequins. Every designer had a light catching, disco ball fabric piece in their shows. Marc Jacobs paved the path with sequins covering everything imaginable! Sequin gowns aren’t new to the fashion runway, but this summer they were worn in unexpected ways. Paired with denim and worn over a causal neutral knitwear/sweater, sequins were spotted on hair clips, and bags. This trend took the classic fabric and presented it in a fresh new light. The beauty of it was it could be worn year-round subtly. Scrolling through Free People’s website, I was drawn to a mini sequin skirt.  It was paired with a band t-shirt and worn with tennis shoes. So inspired to recreate the look, I went to eBay and found a sequin skirt from Free People (older model) for $20. “She” came with new tags. I loved the fact that I could dress “her” up with a silk blouse and heels or dress “her” down with a denim jacket. Those versatile trend pieces give you a lot of bang for your buck. 

Here are three New Year’s Eve looks all using the trendy sequin fabric when styling them. They are in a sequence (not sequin-ce — sorry I like punny things) from causal (house gathering) to glamorous (NYE at a large venue). The middle look is for a nice dinner out and maybe a cocktail at your favorite establishment. 


Kinda Dressy/Cocktail Attire:


I hope this blog post inspires you to add a sequin piece into your 2020 closet. Maybe I’ll spot you around town wearing a sequin kimono or blingy trousers with your new athletic wear. As Rihanna states, “Shine Bright Like a Diamond.” Thanks for kicking off 2020 with me.  So thrilled to be sharing my life with you. 

Wishing you the happiest 2020, and may it bring you good fortune and much love. Cheers to looking like a damn Kira Kira filter!

See you here at the same time, same place next week. 

Until then spread kindness!

Much love,



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