Dr. Martens, A Fashion Must Have


Hi Loves,

The moment I first laid eyes on my 1460 black Dr. Martens with the yellow stitching, I knew that I needed to share them because let’s be honest … they work with every style.  These black beauties add an element of relaxed fashion combined with bad ass.  Who doesn’t need that in their life?

My first memory of Dr. Martens was in middle school.  Here I was at the most awkward stage of my life worshipping Teen Vogue and experimenting with my own sense of style.  Seventh grade was when my “fashion” AKA runway review blog was just beginning, and I was obsessing over a pair of white floral Dr. Martens.  Needless to say, I didn’t buy them as they were pretty avant-garde for Kansas City middle school fashion, but I dreamed of the day I would add them to my spring wardrobe.

Fast forward to Spring 2019, and I can FINALLY say that I own my very first pair of Dr. Martens. They are the classic black leather 1460 smooth boots … a timeless piece if you ask me.  They were bought on Ebay for $70 instead of $140.

 I did my homework and read many reviews on this classic style.  The biggest complaint was how stiff they were.  Buying a lightly-used pair solved that problem.  Ebay made owning my dream boots possible without investing so much money in them.  I won my boots in an auction style bid.  Basically, I had to determine the max I was willing to spend on the boots and bid in the final seconds so I wouldn’t be outbidded by $1 or less.  I calculated the total cost including shipping before I placed my bid.  Heavy items such as boots cost more to ship and that can really add on to your end bill.

I love Ebay and it’s ability to provide affordable luxurious fashion at a fraction of the cost *Insert heart eyes emoji here*

My favorite part about Dr. Martens is how versatile they are.  I can wear them in every Midwest season and with any style of clothing (yes, even dresses) and they are extremely practical.

Here are three different types of outfits I paired them with.

The Trendy Business Woman

Nothing says business more than a plaid blazer (especially a $2.99 thrifted one).  Pair your Dr. Martens with basic pieces like light washed denim, a white t-shirt, and a blazer for a look that says you are ready to conquer the world (and after work happy hour).

The Streetwear Queen

There’s something about pairing Dr. Martens and leather leggings that just go together like McDonald’s fries and chicken nuggets.  It’s comfy, it’s cute, and to complete the look, all you need is an oversized thrifted shirt.  I paired my leggings and Docs with a thrifted Harley Davidson shirt.

PSA anything Harley Davidson is selling for so much right now — purge your thrift store asap so you don’t have to buy anything Harley full price or more …  eek!

When Posh Meets Punk

I love combining feminine pieces with something that is a little more masculine.  For this look, I added a lace slip underneath one of my favorite Free People dresses, a newsboy hat, and completed it with my “docs.”  Warmer weather could not come soon enough though, because I have a feeling that pairing a dress with my utility boots is going to be my summertime uniform.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little spring style post and inspired you to go purchase some Dr. Martens *insert winky face.  See you all here next Wednesday with an extremely exciting post!!!  Hope this added value to your life!  Love Y’all!


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