DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Clusters


Hi Loves,

This year I was inspired to take my Christmas tree decorating up a notch. I watched countless TikTok videos showing how to wrap ribbon pieces and add greenery to make artificial trees feel fuller. I wanted to create ornament bundles to fill in our tree capturing the woodsy and natural feel of our apartment. If you love a simple, modern approach to decorating, these ornament bundles check all the boxes.

How to create the clusters:

Step 1: Gather 3-5 ornaments in different sizes and string them onto a pipe cleaner.

Step 2: Slide ornaments tight together on pipe cleaner and twist. This will make a small bundle.

Step 3: Add to the bundle greenery or floral seasonal picks.

Step 4: Place on tree by wrapping pipe cleaner ends around the tree branch.

I cut my ribbon in small sections and created a diagonal diamond pattern around the Christmas tree. Each place the ribbon crosses is where I chose to place my ornament floral stem bundles.

The Christmas ornament set is from Target. I bought the mini ornaments there for $3 and the large set was $24. Watch after Christmas for the clearance on ornaments. It’s a perfect time to add to your collection. Next year you will thank yourself. The pipe cleaners, greenery picks, and ribbon were purchased at Hobby Lobby. The star topper was a Black Friday sale item from Anthropologie last year. Our tree skirt is from Target.

Happy Holidays! Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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