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Many of you know my favorite winter activity is snowboarding. Somehow I acquired a dream job — the side hustle of taking photos at Snow Creek — which is now a Vail Resort Mountain. I have spent a lot of time on the slopes (this year especially)! It was brought to my attention through DM’s on Instagram to share my “must haves” for what gear a beginner snowboarder needs. If you have been bitten by the snowboarding bug and are unsure what you should wear to the slopes or where to start, I have some affordable snowboarding gear options and tips.

When I first started, I didn’t have anything. I vividly remember my first (and last) time skiing … in jeans. Yes you read that correctly. I was in JEANS! Here’s my first tip: If you have never skied or snowboarded before, DO NOT wear jeans. Snow pants are available at Walmart, the thrift stores, and your brother’s closet. Amazon has basic snow pants for $40 or less depending on the brand.

Once I started snowboarding, I was blessed to receive a snowboard, a coat, snow pants, and goggles for Christmas presents from my family. Many of those pieces I still wear. I started snowboarding in high school so my gear has lasted close to 7 years.

Essential Clothing Pieces for Snowboarding:

Under Garments: Felt lined leggings, a mock athletic turtleneck, heavy duty socks, and a sports bra are all you need. Do not try to attempt skiing or snowboarding in a normal bra, it’s terrible (haha)! The key is to layer, layer, layer.

Snow Pants: Even if you are just hitting the slopes for a day, snow pants are worth spending a little extra. I recommend sizing up so you can add layers underneath. For a more affordable option, try searching for used snow pants on eBay or Poshmark if you do not think you’ll use them much.

Outerwear: Layers are key here! When on the slopes, it can get super hot. You are exercising and sweating! It’s better to dress in layers just in case it is cold and remove layers as the day goes on. I always wear my athletic turtleneck, a sweatshirt, and a snowboarding jacket. My snowboarding jacket was purchased on eBay for $40. It was originally $220! If you are not going to the mountains for more than a day, any coat works just fine.

Snow Boots: Do not invest in ski or snowboarding boots unless you are committed to the sport. At most mountains, they will offer rental boots. However, it is wise to bring with you a warm, sturdy shoe like Uggs or Sorels to the mountain. You are going to want to slip into something warm and comfortable after you’ve been in snow boots all day.

Eye Protection: Some people will say you don’t need goggles, just wear your sunglasses. Please don’t listen to them. Go to Dick’s Sporting Goods or Amazon and buy yourself a pair of goggles. The snow is bright and reflects the sun, making it harsh on the eyes. Goggles also protect you better if anything was to happen. A pair of sunglasses could fly off when you fall. Falling is learning.

Helmet: I have always rented a helmet until this year. I decided to invest in one of my own. Helmet rental at resorts are usually under $10. Safety matters.

Other Accessories: Don’t forget to pack a pair of gloves, a beanie, and a warm neck gator.

“Ain’t it fun, ain’t it fun! Baby, now you’re one of us. Ain’t it fun, Ain’t it fun, Ain’t it FUN” sang in my Mia Mugavero voice. See you on the slopes! Reach out if you have any questions about snowboarding!

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