Closing One Door & Opening Another (Room Tour)


Hello Friends and Happy Spring!

T-minus 19 days until graduation! I am still trying to come to terms with the looming fact that college is almost over for me. It just doesn’t seem real. With that being said, I wanted to do a room tour of my humble abode for the past two years. Over my time spent at Northwest, my tiny room has become a time capsule of my college career. From cheerleading poms, to sorority memorabilia, and even a movie ticket from my first date with Bryce. My room holds a very special place in my heart—I am truly so sad to be leaving this place and my Bae Watch roomies.

Most of my decor, I have had since my freshman year in college… My duvet I received on my 17th birthday from Anthropologie. We bought it queen-sized, even though freshman year I had an XL twin  dorm room bed. I was obsessed (still am) and knew that I did not want to purchase another one whenever I eventually would move out of the dorms. So we folded it in half like a taco shell,  my freshman year and it worked like a charm. I sewed the pillows on my bed with exception to the yellow circle pillow and the monogram one.  I found the cheapest place to find great pillow forms was Ikea.  I bought fabric in the interior design section at Jo-Ann’s with my 40% off coupon!

The tree branch I have hanging over my bed was something that my mom and I made together. When I first moved into my apartment, I could not figure out what I wanted to put on my white walls. Sophomore year, I had a massive white wall in my room and had wired two large tree branches together and spray painted them gold. It was very similar to the one that I have now, but I decided that I needed a smaller version because my original one was just way too big. We literally took a tree branch out of my neighbors yard after a big storm to make it! The garlands draped across it are from Target and the heart-shaped piñata is from Urban Outfitters. Star ornaments were from Free People and Anthropologie.  It’s boho chic on a budget.

Every piece of furniture in my room is from Ikea. I plan on taking all of this with me next year because it is still in great condition. Ikea is a miracle worker for people on a budget and especially girls that have a bunch of clothes….(cough cough…me). My bed has four pull out drawers on the bottom that I store my boots and jeans in right now. I love the clean, white, modern, simple lines. Ikea is clever at giving you tons of storage with minimal space.

By far my favorite decor piece that I have ever owned is my world map. It takes up an entire wall in my bedroom and I find myself starring at it way to often. I purchased it from Etsy and saved up for it for such a long time, even sold a prom dress to help fund it. The bullhead was from Hobby Lobby.  We spray painted it white, then painted the horns gold.  I had a paper flower to glue on it for color.  Eventually, I plan to use old earring and jewelry pieces to decorate it properly.

Under the large, gold mirror is a cube unit from Ikea. The baskets (from Target) are filled with sports bras, workout shorts, socks, winter hats, underwear, bras, etc. Putting laundry away is a breeze. It is standing horizontally in this small room, but in my dorm room it was horizontal and my television sat on it. It was a very inexpensive piece but has had so much great versatility in the last four years.

My desk from Ikea was a perfect place for putting on make up with the natural light from the window shining in.  I ended up getting a different mirror for the desk that was larger and didn’t light up. Click HERE! Another affordable find. The mugs I have had since high school when I wanted to be a writer. They are from Anthropologie. Initial mugs are such a trend now and can be purchased anywhere. TJ Maxx and Homegoods have darling ones.

I’ve linked below the room photos where most things are available for purchase.  If you have any questions on where I found my room decor, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I will share my finds!

Thanks for taking a peek in my little bubble. Next step, will be meshing my style with Bryce’s.  Stay tuned for updates and don’t forget to subscribe.

Duvet | Record Player | Initial Mugs | Bed | Dresser Tall | Desk Similar | Chair | Circle Mirror | Map (same company different style)| Circle Pillow | Lamp | Whiskey Print | Cactus Mug | Buddha | Jewelry Bracelet Holder | Curtains | Floral Plant | Jewelry Ring Holder | Flying Pig Bank


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