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It’s no secret that I love Christmas cards. I love creating them, mailing them out, and receiving them. Each one is so unique to its family. I won’t lie though – this year I didn’t want to send them out. I made a gazillion excuses … I was too busy, we don’t have time to take photos, let’s not spend our money on these. This year has had me in a funk! However, (thankfully) Bryce persuaded me and pushed me to create our cards this year. I absolutely love how they turned out. They bring a sense of nostalgia with a modern twist.

Today I want to jump into the details about our Christmas cards.

First, I like real, folded paper cards. I know it’s weird because everyone sends out printed ones. But there is something about a real card that makes me happy. I love going to Paper Source to pick out my cards. I feel they have the biggest selection and are reasonably priced.

I always include a “Christmasy” photo in our card. For the image this year, I booked at studio at Common House in downtown Independence. Their studio is very nice and is priced at only $25 an hour. If you go during the weekdays or Saturdays, they also have a coffee shop.

For the image this year, I really wanted to take it up a notch (haha)! I was originally inspired by photographer Meg Loeks. She recreates a lot of Norman Rockwell images. If you are unsure of who Norman Rockwell is, just ask your parents or grandparents. He is a very famous artist and extremely talented. He is widely known today for his paintings of family life and often used his own family and neighbors for his subjects. To get the image just quite right, it took a lot of playing around … Bryce and I bending our backs so much that they were sore, as well as some editing. We naturally tried taking a photo with Sky in it, but it was proving to be difficult and the vision was being lost.

The Norman Rockwell image portrays a moment. It’s not supposed to feel super posed, but more like Santa Claus sneaking up on a lady holding gifts. There is a child watching the interaction on the stairs. To create this feeling in my image, I played around in Photoshop and cut Sky out of an image and put her in a frame.

What do your Christmas cards look like? Do you have professional photos taken? I want to know. Write me in the comments!

Until next time, Spread Kindness.



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