Change Your Life By Becoming A Stereotypical French Girl


Hi Loves,

I came across an article that shook me to my core. It was written with the words I needed to hear at that very moment. The Refinery29 article written by Judy Kim inspired me to live my life differently. The short piece was about trying to be a stereotypical French girl for a month. To many, I can understand this sounds absolutely ridiculous because French women cannot be much different than American women, which is true … they aren’t. The major difference is their outlook and approach to life. 2020 is the year to change your perspective. You still have time to do it, and perhaps it will carry with you into the New Year.

During quarantine, I started to learn French with a little help from my brother (who is almost fluent) and Duolingo. I hope next year to take it more seriously and actually enroll in French classes. I keep thinking if I learn it, the sooner I will travel to France. Each month I have a weird recurring dream of me walking the streets of Biarritz, France with a baguette in hand. Anyways… just like me, French women are a balancing act of different contradictions. They indulge but do not overindulge. They are chic, yet not all dolled up. They are effortless but still put in effort. I’m none of those things but a contradiction.

To put it in simpler words, they ride the perfect line of not stepping too far over the edge. Here are a few ways to incorporate the French woman’s lifestyle into your life.

Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

Write down what you actually need to accomplish for the day and nothing more. Spend time actually sipping on your latte at a coffee shop. Buy yourself flowers for the heck of it. Go on a walk without a time limit or step goal. Put on a face mask at home and apply all the serums you want. Take time to enjoy the simple things in life because what else truly matters?

Educate Yourself on the Arts

The French are very much into the arts. Whether it be an opera, art museum, or film, they spend time learning and appreciating it. Though we may not be able to go to the movie theaters or attend a play, take a night to watch something that you have always wanted to see. Spend a day wandering around different art museums in your city. Follow more artists of different mediums on social media.

Indulge but Don’t Overindulge

French women are often seen enjoying a baguette or croissant for their meals, while most of us are terrified of what the carbs will do to our body. We push the things we crave out of the way and try to substitute with other things. The French have realized that it is never a bad idea to give into your cravings … just don’t go overboard! There is a way to balance it all. This even goes for shopping or “treating yourself.”

Quality over Quantity

When investing in clothing, home decor, and other possessions, the French truly have a minimalistic approach. They pride themselves on having capsule wardrobes of their favorite pieces that coordinate with everything. Remember less is more.

Now go channel your inner “Emily in Paris.” I hope this post inspires you to shake up the way you have been living. Spend more time doing the simple things in life that make you happy. Introduce a little “je nes se qouis” into your lifestyle.

Until next time, Spread Kindness.


A fun little fact if you made it to the bottom of my post… my beret was purchased many years ago on the streets of Paris. Thanks “Emily In Paris” for bringing it back!


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