Hi Loves, 

She’s BACK! Wait what? It’s honestly exciting and exhilarating to write my first blog post on my new website.  So much has happened over the past 5 months and an explanation is needed.

Let’s start with why I stopped posting and what I have been doing:

  1. I finally purchased a laptop. Oh, the freedom it brings and the joy of writing on something I bought myself. Most people have a laptop. In high school, my public school provided MacBook Pro. We were so fortunate to have everything from our textbooks to testing on it. I had no need for a laptop then. A car was what I wanted most (LOL). In college, NWMSU provide laptops for all its students. Luck was with me again having a laptop to work on anywhere I went. After graduation, I started my big girl job and had a desktop Mac but no laptop. Bryce was kind enough to share his; however, he needed it for grad school. I saved and saved. Then I waited and waited until “No Sales Tax Day in Missouri.” I researched, went into Apple and learned what my best options on a tight budget would be. You feel a lot of pride purchasing something for yourself. Every time I get ready to walk in a coffee shop to work, I take a moment and think how far I’ve come this year.
  2. The second gift I gave myself was relaunching my website. Oh Boy! This was a process that included paying a graphic designer close to the amount of my laptop, and she delivered nothing. Actually she cost me additional fees by controlling my Squarespace account. I’ll share what I learned so you won’t ever have to experience the loss I felt and the time that was taken. It will make a great storytime. When bad things happen to you, grieving is important. However, what you do next shows strength and resilience. I hope that you enjoy the new website design! It wouldn’t have happened without new and old friendships. I am beyond proud of it and apologize for the delay. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  3. I quit my job. YES PEOPLE, BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING OVER HERE. Number 5 tells why I quit my job. It was hard to leave. Your job becomes your mini family. I was blessed with mine. I am now doing consulting work with my past company until the next door opens.
  4. I also quit the gym. It’s more like we were in a bad relationship so I pulled the trigger and broke up with it. I have taken a few spin classes, barre, and yoga sessions. I also dusted off my running shoes since I‘m signed up for an 8K. Looking forward to my new gym, and new routine once I’m settled in our new home. So much newness.
  5. Bryce and I are moving. He is graduating with his Masters from K-State. I‘m so very proud of him. The location will be revealed soon. If you know, you know you know?!?

Many life-changing events have occurred in 5 short months.  They have been difficult, rewarding, uplifting, and challenging.  They have tugged at my spirit and caused growth when I really didn’t feel like growing.  I’ve learned that change causes internal growth and wisdom that we would never know existed without its friction. 

I remember writing in my New Year’s Eve blog post that this year was going to be my “Butterfly Year.”   When I first wrote that down, I never thought for a moment how difficult metamorphosis actually is. 

Selena Gomez once said, 

“I feel like I’ve awakened lately
The chains around me are finally breaking
I’ve been under self-restoration
I’ve become my own salvation
Showing up, no more hiding, hiding
The light inside me is bursting, shining
It’s my, my, my time to butterfly”

I have to remember that everything happens for a reason — the universe has a divine plan.  My last day at work, our CEO gave me a gift. I opened the box and inside was a beautiful butterfly charm bracelet.  I never shared my struggles or that this was my butterfly year with her.   She wrote, “May you always continue to blossom at every stage and season the Lord brings to you.”  I can confidently say that the light inside me is beaming and the butterfly I have morphed into is so much better than I ever dreamed was possible thanks to so many supporting me. 

With that, I welcome you to the NEW haydenmward.com

Thank you for being part of my life journey.  I hope to see you at the same time, same place next week.

Until then, spread kindness.

Much Love, 



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