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I hope you are finding yourselves well on this fine Wednesday night. With the relaxing weekend I had, I have finally found my motivation. Lately it has been so difficult for me to do anything. Going to the gym felt like a chore, and I wasn’t as inspired with my blog posts. I just felt like I was in a total rut. I’m sure moving and starting my job four days later was the cause. So I’m happy to say that I have my mojo back, and I think today’s blog post has a little bit to do to with it.

I’m sharing what makes my heart tingle every single August/September … SCHOOL SUPPLIES.  Although I’m not walking around campus with my binders and my heavy AF backpack, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t need any supplies. I have found that I actually needed more supplies for my office than I ever used in school, with the exception of the zillion notecards I purchased for exams.

Having an actual office space (big girl job) and a mini home office (thanks to my sweet BF who gets me), I needed additional supplies with different purposes. Don’t get me wrong though — if I don’t NEED it, I don’t BUY it. Simple as that. I do gravitate towards the prettier option for functional pieces, and it can be a costly curse. Over the years I have found that I am more productive and function efficiently in a space that is visually pleasing to the eye and feels like my own. Boring cubicles with little pictures and an ugly hanging calendar just does not cut it for me. My brain would leave its creativity at the door. I could never thrive because I would be focusing too much of my time on things I would change or rearrange … it’s a curse. You have to make your office space a place where you like spending your time, yet maintaining a professional environment.

When decorating both offices, I focus on three key elements … inspiration, functionality, and showcasing who I am. It’s important to bring all these factors into your space. I believe you want to be organized, inspired, and make connections with your coworkers. This is your chance to show your design capabilities and to get organized! Even if you splurge on the stapler or pencil holder you really want instead of settling for the cheaper option, it will make all the difference in your space. Imagine feeling inspired and motivated to work in a place YOU created. #Goals

Remember — you spend more time in your office than you do at home. If you are not taking the time to make it your own, how do you think that affects your mood? Probably not in the most positive way. I compare it to the feeling whenever your house is super messy versus how it feels when you took the time to clean and organize it. A total girl boss feeling right? Right.

Here is how I decorated my office at work.

Here is how I decorated my office at home.

I buy most of my supplies from Target, Anthropologie, and Paper Source. For my office at work, I picked up a couple things from Home Goods. They have wonderful stationery that is affordable and fantastic desk organizers (mine was for makeup).

Just because you are adjusting from a school desk and backpack to a cubicle and briefcase, you don’t have to sacrifice personal style for functionality. Happy adulting, my friends!

Click on the links to shop my supplies!


Fabric Folder

Wall Calender

Gold Pencil Holder

Desk Organizer

Gold Leaf (Similar) Business Card Holder (thrifted)

Globes (Target & Old Anthropologie)

Wooden Block (DIY)


Letter Opener


Cityscape Pencil Holder

Notepad Stationary

File Folders (Mine are sold out, but here is something I like just as much)


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