Versace Platform Heels DIY

Versace DIY Platform Heels

When I first laid eyes on them, it felt like a life or death moment. These shoes weren’t even a need they were a use in order to keep my existence on earth. Unfortunately they are quite pricey, but as I stated earlier, it was a life or death situation…

3 Dip Recipes to Make For the Playoffs

I put together a few of my go-to game day dip recipes before the big game! If you are in a hurry, these dips will definitely get the job done. What’s not to love about a homemade appetizer?

DIY Versace Embellished Blazer

versace blazer

The Versace embellished blazer has taken over my life. Ever since I laid eyes on Megan Fox strutting around in it, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the ensemble.

8 Things That Can Change Your Life in A Year

What I'm Doing to Change My Life

Last week, I had a TikTok video stop me in my tracks. In a voice clear as day, 8 tips were being shared that could help you change your life in a year. Here’s how I’m changing mine.

Travel Guide: San Diego

San Diego from the Boat

Happy New Year! I graciously welcomed 2022 in one of the most beautiful places ever… San Diego. Here’s my guide to America’s Finest City.

Christmas Outfit Inspiration

It’s Christmas Eve and I am so excited! I wanted to share some outfit inspiration for tomorrow. Each look is styled depending on how you spend your day… staying in pajamas, going to a causal lunch, or a dressy dinner.


Merry Dip-mas! Bryce and I had a small party with our closest friends and neighbors. It was similar to a Christmas themed potluck.

Hot Toddy Kits

When going out is too whiskey, you stay in with a hot toddy. This year for Christmas, Bryce and I made Hot toddy kits to give to our friends. Here’s how we made them!

Gingerbread & Gin Party

It’s beGINing to look a lot like Christmas. This year, I threw a gingerbread & gin party for me and my high school besties. Laughs were shared, strong gin and tonics were drank, and lots of candy was ate. Keep reading for all the details on our GINgerbread night.

Holiday Home Tour 2021

As we all know, decorating for the holidays is my absolute favorite. Welcome to Bryce and I’s 2021 apartment tour! Step inside and let me tell you a little bit about our place.