Answering AWKWARD Questions At Family Gatherings


Hi Loves,

With Christmas in a couple of days, I thought that this post would come in handy.

Don’t take me wrong, family time is precious, but … it can lead to a lot of uncomfortable questions. I’m happy to tell you that I am here to save the day!  Here are the top most asked questions at family gatherings and the politically correct way to respond.

1. So are you just living in Manhattan and not going to school?

My Answer:  I’m working full time there … I WISH I could go back to school.  I miss the long walks to class and seeing my friends daily.

How You Should Answer:  “I’ll be working a full time job!  I just did not want to be in a long distance relationship, so I made the move with my best friend.  Once he is done with school, we will figure out what our next step is!”

2. Are you ever going to get married?

My Answer:  LOL why is this a question and literally how do I answer this?

How You Should Answer:  “If it happens, it happens. I’m not going to rush anything though.  I’ll just let the world do it organically.”

3. What are your plans for after graduation?

My Answer:  Umm — pursue my dreams of being a full time blogger and travel the world … duh.

How You Should Answer:  “Right now I’m looking at all of the different opportunities that I have.  I’ve been applying to a couple different places, but I will just see what door opens for me next!”

4. Whatever happened to your ex?

My Answer:  Good question.

How You Should Answer: “You know, I’m not really sure but I bet he is doing fine.”

5. Where’s Bryce?

My Answer: He’s wearing camo, you can’t see him….

How You Should Answer: “He’s in California celebrating Christmas with his family!”

6. Do you need a new pair of jeans cause you have holes in yours?

My Answer:  If someone asks me that one more time …..

How You Should Answer: “Haha if you are wanting to buy me a pair of jeans, I have them saved to my Nordstrom cart!”

7. You seeing anyone special these days?

My Answer:  Yes … every-time I look in the mirror.

How You Should Answer: “Yep!”

Just remember:  Make a game plan — you don’t have to answer if you don’t feel comfortable, control your emotions, and if all else fails, be the one who asks the questions.


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