ALDI (Not Your Mama’s Grocery Store)


Hello Friends!

Today I am bringing you a blog post I have wanted to write for a really long time. It’s a grocery haul, but a not-so-typical haul. All of these groceries are from Aldi’s (crazy, right?) and at half the regular grocery store price.

If you have never set foot in an Aldi’s — it’s basically a low cost, no frills grocery store. It can be intimidating your first trip so here are some pro tips. If you want to use a grocery cart, then it requires putting a quarter in the cart slot to use it. When you are finished shopping and return the cart, you get your money back (weird, I know). Just throw a quarter in your cupholder so you are always prepared. Bringing a shopping bag is important. I carry an insulated tote bag from Sam’s Club that I leave in my car. Otherwise you will have to pay for the plastic Aldi’s sacks when you bag up your own groceries. Checking out at Aldi’s is when my anxiety kicks in. The checkers are skilled and faster than the speed of light. So as soon as your cart is unloaded on the conveyer belt, swipe your debit card or credit card. The checker will not tell you to do this. The system isn’t set up for a chip reader so swipe while checker is ringing you up. They will switch shopping carts with you so don’t be alarmed.  The lines are long but check out is fast like a well-oiled machine. The prices are cheap. There are no free samples down the aisles at Aldi’s, and the stores are typically quite small. A lot of people don’t give this grocery store the time of day. I’m here to say though, “DON’T BE THAT PERSON.”

Here’s why:

Aldi’s is completely rebranding themselves. They are marketing towards millennials and the health conscious individuals. Each time I walk into my local store, I stumble upon a new product that I just can’t wait to try. Last week I discovered On-the-Go Hummus and Pretzel Snacks which were perfect treats to keep at work.  This week I founds BOOMCHICKAPOP and boxed meals similar to HelloFresh. Bryce and I actually cooked up their Rockfish and Mango Salsa box last night and oh my gosh, it was to die for. The best part is that it was only $10 and it feeds two people. Other grocery stores are doing the same but charging $20 for a box that feeds two. That’s a huge price difference. Scroll down to see the macros on this box. They are amazing compared to other “make-it-yourself” box dinners.

I am also obsessed with their pre-marinated chicken breasts. The tomato basil flavor is incredible and so juicy. I plan on making it tonight and serving it with some rice and vegetables. Aldi’s pricing is ridiculously cheap in comparison to other brands. I can get two humongous chicken breasts for $5 and they will last me for at least 4 meals. Their produce section is where Aldi’s really excels over other stores. Avocados are always a dollar or less. Last week they were 69 cents … that’s a no brainer in my head. I truly go to Aldi’s for their produce.  It allows me to cook with fresh vegetables while not sucking the life out of my bank account.

Everything is really good quality as well! From fruit to cheese, it’s all fabulous! If you are trying to stretch your dollar further at the grocery store, this is the perfect place to start. I try to buy my produce, meats, and small snacks at Aldi’s. Then I go to another grocery store for protein bars, Halo Top, and other cooking necessities.

If you are trying to make the change to a healthier lifestyle, seriously go to Aldi’s. There are few distractions and limited product choice in the store so you can stay focused. Health products are more affordable, and each week they seem to introduce a new item for someone with fitness and wellness goals. Aldi’s caters to any lifestyle and has quickly grown to become one of my favorite grocery stores. I cannot wait to see what’s next for their stores with the rebranding. I’m going to leave you with this cool connection. Aldi’s and Trader Joe’s are owned by German brothers.  Theo Albrecht owns Trader Joe’s and Karl Albrecht owns Aldi’s. They have separate and distinct ownership and operations, however they both strive for quality products. If you are rolling on a budget and want to stretch your dollar to the max, check this place out.

Happy Grocery Shopping!


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