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Nothing says Halloween like a boozy, spooky punch served in a trick or treat bucket. The concoction is a delicious, fruity Malibu Rum infused cocktail garnished with floating Dollar Tree eyeballs. To really “pack in the punch,” turn a Smirnoff Ice upside down in the bucket and get sipping’ with a crazy straw. It will be the hit of your Girls Night … a perfect treat while watching the Bachelorette or Emily in Paris! We can thank the gals on Tik Tok for such a winning combination. It was a blast to recreate and share!

Drink up my pretties…Halloween is almost here.


This recipe makes three buckets!


  • 2 Jugs of Cranberry Juice of your choice (I used low sugar Ocean Spray Raspberry and Cranberry)
  • 1/2 cup of Malibu Rum for each bucket
  • Smirnoff Ice 1 per bucket
  • Lots of Ice
  • A serving bucket of your choice (The Dollar Tree)
  • Crazy straws (Target)
  • Eyeballs (The Dollar Tree)


Pour in a lot of ice (more than you think you will need), add all ingredients into buckets while evenly dispersing the juices between all 3 buckets, and garnish with eyeball ping pong balls and fun straws. Flip the Smirnoff Ice bottle into the mixture as the last step. Enjoy with your gal pals!

You’ve Been BOO-zed!

I grew up in a neighborhood with all the kids around the same age and our parents were friends. Every Halloween we would play this game called “BOO!” where you leave a little gift at a few people’s doorsteps without them knowing who it was from. My brother and I would spend all day in the kitchen making chocolate covered pretzels and decorating them in sprinkles. We would bag up our little treats and ding-dong-ditch our neighbors so they couldn’t figure out who left it! Once you had been “BOO-ed,” you would mark your house with a little ghost so your neighbors knew which doors needed a Halloween treat.

Now that we are older and our neighborhood has changed, it is time for the adult version of the BOO game. It’s called “You’ve Been BOOzed”. Simply pick up a bottle of wine, whiskey, or beverage of choice. The concept is the same, the wrapping is what has changed. Create witch’s brooms to leave at the door of your friends and families. It’s the perfect disguise to hide your treat. Attach a note and let the fun begin. Who wouldn’t love a new bottle of gin or whiskey? It’s simple and inexpensive to create. So grab a lunch sack and scissors. I made a printable to make it easy. Feel free to use it and spread the spooky cheer.

Credit for this fabulous twist on a Halloween tradition goes to Christie Moeller “You’ve Been BOO’zed.” Check out her blog for more inspiration. Her download is as incredible as her ideas!


You will need:

  • Paper bags (use larger lunch sacks available at Target)
  • Scissors
  • Strong tree branches
  • Twine
  • A black marker
  • Downloaded message
  • A little treat!

Step 1: Start with two paper bags. Push out the bottom on one of them to create a hat shape.

Step 2: Fringe the top of the bag. My mom let me use her old Martha Stewart fringing scissors, but you can recreate it by using regular shears.

Step 3: Cut the bag down the center and stop once you reach the line at the bottom. You don’t want to cut all the way down.

Step 4: Create smaller pieces by cutting those two strips in half.

Step 5: Cut those strips again!

Step 6: Place your treat in the bag that has not been cut, gather the top of it so nothing falls out. Place the cut bag over the non-cut bag. Grab all trimmed strips and pull to the top. Gather using twine and tightly tie. Attach your printable!

Happy Halloween Loves!

Until Next Time, Spread Kindness.



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