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Recently, I have been binge watching Vogue’s 73 questions; an online video series featuring celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively, and Hailey Bieber. The unseen host (Joe Sabia) rapidly fires questions for an up-close and personal look into the celebrity’s life. Each question is only allowed one take and all of them have to be answered in 10 minutes or less. I thought it would be a fun post to do my own version of 73 Questions. Let’s face it, social distancing is making it hard to connect with each other. Meeting new friends is at ground zero. Save these questions and share them with others during our quarantine. Here’s a glimpse into my life and what makes me ME. I hope you connect with my responses and find it relatable and sharable.

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about life right now? 10 — it’s always a 10.
  2. Describe yourself in a hashtag? #dontgiveup
  3. If you could do a love scene with anyone, who would it be? John Mulaney…we would be so awkward and laughing the entire time. Bryce is okay with this. He is always first in my life.
  4. If your life was a musical, what would the marquee say? “Wait, what?”
  5. What’s one thing people don’t know about you? I am very superstitious.
  6. What’s your wakeup ritual? I hate to say it, but the first thing I do is look at my phone. It truly wakes me up because of the light. Then, I slide on my slippers and make breakfast. I have to eat first thing in the morning and have always been like that. I try to give myself plenty of time in the morning so I can have a full breakfast. It’s my quiet time to just think and manifest a good vibe for the day.
  7. What’s your go to bed ritual? I always chug water before bed, take off my makeup, brush my teeth, and take my probiotics…in that order. Once I’m in bed, I pat Sky up and write in my journal. I like to end each night with a thought about my day and statement about my future.
  8. What’s your favorite time of day? I love mornings. I love breakfast. I love morning light. I love morning runs. I feel the best in the morning when the sun is pouring in my apartment and I have Architectural Digest playing in the background on the television. Something about waking up and accomplishing things early in the morning makes me so happy.
  9. What is one thing no one knows about you? I’m an open book, so I don’t really have anything that’s hidden from people.
  10. Dream country to visit? I really want to visit Croatia before I die, but I also want to see South Africa, India, and Japan. It’s so hard to choose just one because I want to go everywhere.
  11. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had? Bryce has surprised me so many times and each one is so special. I can’t even think which one is the biggest. He leaves me speechless. I do remember a purse he surprised me with when I was crying over a ridiculous Economics online class. I had failed a quiz. No worries. I ended up with a decent grade. At the moment I had hit a brick wall and was sobbing over the class. He pulled out a Coach purse with a heart on it and I started crying again because I was so touched.
  12. Heels or flats/sneakers? If you would have asked me this question a few years ago, I wouldn’t have even thought twice about saying heels. Now, I am much more of a sneakers kinda gal. Living downtown, I am constantly on the move, walking, running, and hustling.
  13. Vintage or new? 100% vintage. Thrifting with my mom is one of my favorite things to do. 80% of my wardrobe is thrifted, eBay, or Half of Half clearance.
  14. Your affirmation for today? I am a badass and I will achieve my dreams.
  15. Style icon? I love Chiara Ferragni. She is like effortless chic with a mix of streetwear. She’s not afraid to wear bright colors or make a statement. You can watch her movie on Amazon! She is not only beautiful but very intelligent.
  16. What are three things you can’t live without? My dog, cold brew, and a notebook. Bryce is a given.
  17. What’s one ingredient you put in everything? Salt. Either Himalayan Pink Salt or Truffle Salt. Hopefully when I’m older I’ll be well preserved from all of the salt I intake. This trait I get from my grandma.
  18. What 3 people living or dead would you like to make dinner for? Zac Posen, Khalil Rafati, and Brendon Urie.
  19. What’s your biggest fear in life? To never reach my dreams.
  20. Window or aisle seat? If I’m in the air, I don’t care… just happy to be flying somewhere.
  21. What’s your current TV obsession? Busch Family Brewed — it’s addicting.
  22. Favorite app? Youtube. I am always listening or watching videos. My favorite is Architectural Digest home tours.
  23. Secret talent? I can fall asleep LITERALLY ANYWHERE. Some days I don’t even make it all the way onto the bed. I’ll fold over the bed in half with my feet on the ground and my chest flat on the mattress.
  24. Most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life? Sky diving or jumping off a suspension bridge.
  25. How would you define yourself in three words? Driven, purposeful, and genuine.
  26. Favorite piece of clothing you own? My Harley Davidson thrifted t-shirt. I wear it everday.
  27. Must have clothing item everyone should have? A denim jacket. Hate your outfit for the day? Throw on a denim jacket. Want to make your sweats look trendier? Throw on a denim jacket.
  28. Superpower you would want? I would love to be able to teleport.
  29. What’s inspiring you in life right now? Magnolia home has been inspiring me like crazy right now! Their writing is so purposeful and motivational. The graphic design in their magazine is incredible. I love it all!
  30. Best piece of advice you’ve received? Everything happens for a reason.
  31. Best advice you’d give your teenage self? Don’t take it too seriously.
  32. A book that everyone should read? White Girl Problems – it’s wonderful and will make you cry from laughing so hard.
  33. What would you like to be remembered for? Inspiring others to follow their dreams or try new things.
  34. How do you define beauty? It’s what on the inside, not the outside that makes you beautiful. It comes from how you carry yourself, not how you make yourself up. Confidence is beautiful. Caring for others is beautiful.
  35. What do you love most about your body? That it allows me to be active. I can’t imagine not rock climbing, , snowboarding, surfing, or challenging myself physically.
  36. Best way to take a rest/decompress? Taking a nap lol. I am a sleepy girl living in a busy world.
  37. Favorite place to view art? Going outside. Art is everywhere and you don’t necessarily have to be indoors to view it.
  38. Guilty pleasure? Binge watching surfing videos. It’s my favorite sport to watch.
  39. If you could master one instrument, what would it be? The drums! I have always been obsessed with them.
  40. If you had a tattoo, where would it be? On the bottom of my foot and it would say, “Made in the USA.”
  41. Dolphins or koalas? Dolphins are my favorite!
  42. What’s your spirit animal? Horses. They are gentle giants with the biggest hearts.
  43. Best gift you’ve ever received? My life lol – that’s a gift, right?
  44. Best gift you’ve ever given? I asked Bryce this question and he said, “Your Love.”
  45. What’s your favorite board game? I really am not a board game fan. Anytime I play a game, it’s Spoons. One year during Thanksgiving, my family literally broke our dining room table from a game of Spoons.
  46. What’s your favorite color? BLUE! But imagine it as sea-foam blue like the swimming pool.
  47. Least favorite color? Orange lol and I have no clue why.
  48. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds. I love a nice sparkle.
  49. Drugstore makeup or designer? Is MAC considered designer?
  50. Blow-dry or air-dry? Air-dry whenever possible. Be kind to your hair!!!
  51. Pilates or yoga? I’ve never tried pilates but I absolutely suck at yoga, so… story coming on that soon!
  52. Coffee or tea? Without a doubt coffee. I only drink iced coffee though. Something about it wakes me up more.
  53. What’s the weirdest word in the English language? Grommet. It reminds me of this clay stop motion movie called “Wallace and Gromit”.
  54. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? 100% CACAO DARK CHOCOLATE.
  55. Stairs or elevator? I’m so lazy lol so most days I prefer elevators. With the Coronavirus I prefer stairs though.
  56. Summer or winter? Umm, spring.
  57. You are stuck on an island, you can pick one food to eat forever without getting tired of it, what would you eat? Chocolate or bread.
  58. A desert you don’t like? Anything that uses artificial strawberry flavoring. I love fresh strawberries, but anything that is like strawberry cake mix, I can’t do it.
  59. A skill you’re working on mastering? I have so many… writing, graphic design, cooking, and calligraphy. I’m constantly learning how to better myself!
  60. Best thing to happen to you today? Bryce and I went on a long two hour walk with Sky. It was so nice to get outdoors and just explore together.
  61. Worst thing to happen to you today? I didn’t have an extra role of toilet paper in the bathroom with me… and my roll was empty.
  62. Best compliment you’ve ever received? That I am authentic.
  63. Favorite smell? Palo Santo or Lavender. I’m actually trying to grow lavender in our apartment.
  64. Your go to for a good laugh? Hot Rod, is a staple in my life. It is the only movie I can quote. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it tonight. It’s available on Netflix.
  65. If you made a documentary, what would it be about? The stuff that my crazy friends and I do together.
  66. Last piece of content you consumed that made you cry? Doctors and nurses singing “Way Maker” on the top of a hospital roof. It’s a crazy time what we are living in right now.
  67. Lipstick or lip gloss? Both. MAC lipstick and Buxom gloss.
  68. Sweet or savory? If I have a savory meal, I eat something sweet afterwards. I have to have both to satisfy my cravings!
  69. Girl crush? Oddly enough, Jackie Schimmel. She’s funny, honest, and such a babe! Plus, she can cook like a gosh dang Michelin Star Chef.
  70. How you know you’re in love? You know you are in love when the lust fades and you can’t imagine your life without that person.
  71. Song you can listen to on repeat? Casio by Jungle
  72. If you could switch lives with someone for a day who would it be? Lauren Conrad. I just think she is great and a smart business person that maintains her values.
  73. What are you most excited about at this time in your life? Everything. Being in your twenties is so exciting. There are so many opportunities out there to seize! My favorite saying is Sine Metu which means, “Without Fear” in Irish. If you live your life in that perspective, you will always be excited for what is happening in the moment and what is yet to come.

Whew baby! You made it to the end. Thank you for sticking around and I hope you will share these questions with someone in your life. I can not think of a better way to connect to a loved one like grandparents then to call them and listen to their answers. Maybe try it on Virtual Wine Wednesday when you Zoom or FaceTime your friends. Until next time, Spread kindness and stay healthy.


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