5 Different Ways to Style Rosettes


Hi Loves,

For the past year and a half, we’ve experienced an influx of over-the-top accessories making a comeback. Slowly, we’ve been slipping away from minimal accessorized outfits. While huggy hoops and simple chains will always be timeless pieces, there’s no denying that designers such as Schiaparelli, Paco Rabanne and Sandy Liang are disrupting the industry by pushing accessories to the forefront.

If you’re a Sex and The City fanatic like myself, then I’m sure you’ll remember the silk flowers Carrie donned in seasons 3 and 4. They were larger than life and worked their way up from her purses to the straps on her blouses and into her hair. It’s no surprise that silk flowers and fabric rosettes reappeared in the spring of 2023. Florals for spring? How groundbreaking! Newsflash: this dramatic accessory is still ever present as I write this at the end of 2023.

Exaggerated accessories just like the rosette trend couldn’t be more present. If you’ve wanted to join in on the trend but are hesitant about styling larger pieces, here are a few ideas.

1. Rosettes for Your Hair

2. Styled on a Blazer or Coat

3. Worn as a Necklace

4. Looped as a Rosette Belt

5. Pinned on a Blouse or Dress

I’m here for the larger than life accessories! All of the rosettes and silk flowers in the images above can be found on my website for sale. If you’re local, you can purchase them at Annie Austen in Zone Rosa.

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